As We All Lay Low, Household Waste Removal Spikes

It’s no secret that Covid-19 has kept many of us cooped up and in a state of isolation for the bulk of 2020. And, with no end in site, it’s looking to stay this way for quite a while – well into 2021 if we needed to make a prediction here…

And while you’re probably thinking we’re simply stating the obvious , what isn’t as obvious is the weight of responsibility a state of pandemic puts on a waste removal service such as us here at Pinard Waste Systems. With everyone hunkering down at home the uptick in residential waste is at record highs – which, by-and-large, makes absolute sense. Several months ago CNN reported that that increase in curbside waste removal was at 30%, which is a pretty astronomical. In Chicago and cities of similar size, that number creeps above 50%.


Well, it’s due to the fact that we’re literally stuck at home, so trash we might have been discarding of at other places now winds up in our own bins. And, for those that have long relied on “eating out” as a mode of daily sustenance, takeout waste (containers and the like) are seeing increased usage as people utilize “contactless” takeout services. That packaging is quite bulky, and, as such, fills bins quicker and more substantially.

So, as you might suspect, waste removal routes have slowed in some areas as increased loads equal more offloading to remediate overfilling the fleet of trucks. It’s a burden, but there’s quite literally no way around it. When it’s full, it’s full. It’s like trying to stuff that last bit of trash into an overfilled can – you’re either tearing the bag, or said item is falling to the floor. Either way, you’re making quite a mess. As stated, when it’s full, it’s full. Same goes for a truck hauling waste from its respective route.

That’s not to say waste removal companies are looking for some kind of pity. We aren’t. We’re proud of the fact that we’re an essential service. You’re relying on us to keep things tidy in an untidy world. And, we’ve always been ready to serve. That said, if things seem a bit slow at times, it’s not that we’re not coming, as they, say, “patience is a virtue,” and we’ll be there! We can guarantee that. It’s that it’s taking a little bit longer than we’ve all grown accustomed to in the past. We’re on the frontlines and we will be from now until forever. Pinard Waste Removal is always at your disposal.

Stay safe, and be well!